Tender Corporation / Adventure Medical Kits FAQ's

Why Tender Corporation Products?

What Are Your Holiday Hours?

Why should I use insect repellent?

When should I use mosquito repellent?

I am concerned about ticks they are pretty gross all on their own but some carry Lyme disease. What precautions should I take? Which repellent do you recommend?

Can insect repellents be used by pregnant or nursing women?

Can I use an insect repellent and a product containing sunscreen at the same time? What are the recommendations for combination sunscreen/insect repellent products?

How should I apply repellent? What precautions should I take?

How do I choose the right repellent?

What is an Eco-Spray can?

My kit seems to be missing some of the items on its contents list. What should I do?

How much time do I have before the medication/topical antiseptic and ointments in my kit expire?

How do I refill my kit?

For customers purchasing medical kits outside the US: Why doesn't my medical kit include all of the items listed on the kit contents list on the US website and certain kit packaging?

Which states prohibit the sale of certain medical kits containing syringes?

What additional medications are recommended to be added to my kit?

Can medical kits be taken onto an airplane?

Do you sell empty medical kit bags?

When using a bivvy or blanket which side is meant to face inwards and which side is meant to face outwards?

Is the SOL Rescue Flash Mirror mil spec or mil spec style?

Are the bivvies meant to be used as a stand-alone shelter or along with a sleeping bag?

What variables affect the bivvies' temperature ratings?

How do I clean my bivvy/blanket?

How water resistant are the Escape and Escape Lite bivvies?

Any plans to build an oversized or 2-person Escape Bivvy?

Why does my Emergency Bivvy have holes in the bottom corners?

What is the visible range of the Rescue Flash Signal Mirror?

Does Tender Corporation test any of its products on animals?


Are Adventure Bath Wipes biodegradable?

Is it safe to flush Adventure Bath Wipes down the toilet?

AfterBite® Frequently Asked Questions

What does After Bite® do?

What is the difference between After Bite®, After Bite® Kids, After Bite® Outdoor and After Bite® Xtra?

Do After Bite products have an expiration date?

How often can I apply After Bite®?

Is After Bite® safe to use when you are pregnant?

My child is allergic to tree nuts, is tea tree oil related?

Do After Bite products contain gluten?

Ben's® Tick & Insect Repellent Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Ben's® Tick & Insect Repellent last?

Why does Ben's® 30 Tick & Insect Repellent use water instead of alcohol as most other DEET insect repellents do?

What is the difference between Ben's® 30 Tick & Insect Repellent and Ben's® 100 Tick & Insect Repellent?

Will a higher percentage of DEET give me better protection?

Will DEET based repellents damage nylon materials?

How many sprays are in a 4 oz. bottle of Ben's® 30 Tick & Insect Repellent in a 1.25 oz bottle?

When does my Ben's® Tick & Insect Repellent product expire?

My can of bug repellent is not spraying properly. What can I do?

Natrapel® 12 hour Frequently Asked Questions

I just learned about Natrapel® 12 hour - is it new?

How long does Natrapel® 12 hour last?

I don't like the idea of DEET as a chemical, but I use it because I don't know of anything more effective. I would prefer to use an all natural product but I want to know it works as well or better than DEET.

Is Natrapel® 12 hour safe for infants or children under 2?

Is Natrapel® 12 hour safe to use on dogs?

Is Natrapel® 12 hour safe to use when pregnant?

When does my Natrapel® 12 hour product expire?

My can of bug repellent is not spraying properly. What can I do?

After Burn® & After Cuts & Scrapes® Frequently Asked Questions

What makes After Burn® gel different from other aloe gels on the market?

How is After Cuts & Scrapes® different than other first aid treatments?

How is After Cuts & Scrapes® used?


How can I find a local dealer?

How can I be sure I'm purchasing from an authorized dealer?