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Quick Reference Idea Guide
Patient comfort, nurse/doc-
tor appreciation, wellness.... whatever your goal, we have
a great assortment of kits to
cover the cause. Show you care and promote your brand.
First Aid Kits - See Pages 4-11 Wellness Kits - See Pages 32-35
Our selection of trade- show/event kits are a perfect giveaway to keep traf c coming
to your booth! Filled
with practical items that everyone needs to survive the show, these kits will leave a lasting impression.
Event Kits - See Pages 22-23 Outdoor/Beach - See Pages 24-27
From dealerships to
insurance companies
to employee appreciation, auto kits are something everyone will be thankful for in their time of need! Kits for every budget.
Auto Kits - See Pages 12-17
Say “thank you” to your
employees or customers
with a meaningful gift
that shows how much you value them. A practical kit will convey that message for years to come.
First Aid Kits - See Pages 4-11 Auto Kits - See Pages 12-17
Golf Kits
Need a gift to keep
all golfers happy?
Try a practical and
organized golf kit that recipients will keep clipped to their bag for years to come! Everything you need for a great day on the golf course!
Golf Kits - See Pages 28-31
Everyone should be
prepared and our
emergency prep kits
will give them the
supplies needed to
weather the storm.
Fully customizable so you can create the perfect item to  t your needs!
Emergency Prep Kits - See Pages 18-21
Emergency Preparedness
Rush Service Available - See Page 42 For Details! 3

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