Ready 4 Kits Catalog 2018

Healthcare Automotive Recognition Golf Kits Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kits as low as .85¢. See Pages 4-11. Emergency Prep Kits as low a $8.30. See Pages 18-21. Auto Kits as low as $5.75. See Pages 12-17. Tradeshow/Event Our selection of tradeshow/event kits are a perfect giveaway to keep traffic coming to your booth! Filled with practical items that everyone needs to survive the show, these kits will leave a lasting impression. Need a gift to keep all golfers happy? Try a practical and organized golf kit that re- cipients will keep clipped to their bag for years to come! Everything you need for a great day on the golf course! Any of our kits can be totally customized. Just ask our sales team! Quick Reference Idea Guide From dealerships to insurance companies to employee appreciation, auto kits are something everyone will be thankful for in their time of need! We have Kits for every budget! Patient comfort, nurse/dotor appreciation, wellness.... whatever your goal, we have a great assortment of kits to cover the cause. Show you care and promote your brand. Wellness Kits as low a $1.55. See Pages 32-35. Event Kits as low a $2.70. See Pages 22-23. Outdoor/Beach as low a $3.15. See Pages. 24-27. First Aid Kits as low a $10.35. See Pages 4-11. Auto Kits as low a $3.15. See Pages 12-17. Say “thank you” to your employees or cus- tomers with a meaningful gift that shows how much you value them. A practical kit will convey that message for years to come. Golf Kits as low a $3.35. See Pages 28-31. Everyone should be prepared and our emer- gency prep kits will give them the supplies needed to weather the storm. Fully custom- izable so you can create the perfect item to fit your needs! Some examples for uses are hiking, wildfire, flood, winter storm and power outage to name a few. Rush Service Available - See Page 38 For Details! 3